Capitalize on award-winning, professional website design exclusively for credit unions and community banks with FIRSTBranch, Kasasa's website solution. Our proven approach to development, design, and content drives quality applicants to your website and guides them through a sales funnel that funds new accounts and drives user engagement. With a portfolio dating back to 2006 and over 400 websites live today, our insights in building effective websites for community financial insitutions are unmatched.

What's Included With FIRSTBranch

FIRSTBranches are loaded with tons of value-add features and services that drive success for your institution. Read below to found out more.

  • Dynamic and hassle-free website accessibility. No need to run monthly compliance reports, your FIRSTBranch will automatically meet the accessibility standards of today
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) at launch and throughout the life of your FIRSTBranch
  • Mobile-first responsive designs
  • Unlimited pages and consultative designs rooted in our user-tested best practices
  • Ongoing support from dedicated account managers, designers, copywriters, and front-end developers
  • Online/offline forms with a leads management system
  • Content management system access for all identified users
  • Performance analytics including insights on consumer engagement, SEO standings, and benchmark performance by region and asset size
  • Hosting in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Dedicated spotlights for product and service highlights or cross-selling 
  • Social media and google maps integrations
  • Vanity URLs
  • Financial calculators

Our Work

Each FIRSTBranch is curated by our team of expert Designers, Copywriters, and Front-End Developers to effectively meet the needs of our insitutions and drive consumer engagement. Read more about how our team has helped elevate the websites of these community financial institutions...

Reaching the next generation of members |
Zia Credit Union has served generations of New Mexico families since 1955. They needed to reach the next generation of locals who choose to stay in the community. By weaving Northern New Mexico’s rich culture into the messaging and design, FIRSTBranch created a modern website with an authentic community connection.

Balancing the books |
Growth doesn’t come without its challenges. Acquisitions brought Guaranty State Bank & Trust Company more assets…a lot more. They needed core deposits, but their website had gotten stale. FIRSTBranch provided an engaging experience with strong aesthetics, intuitive UX, and strategic product placement.

Raising brand recognition |
With so many credit unions in their market, brand recognition was key for TNBANK — even more so as their strategy shifted to core deposit growth. FIRSTBranch capitalized on TNBANK’s ability to serve a broader customer base. Tennessee families and businesses now receive a warm welcome that clearly conveys TNBANK’s brand identity.

Competing in the big leagues |
Facing stiff competition from big banks and credit unions, Garden Savings needed to catch the attention of younger borrowers. FIRSTBranch leveled the playing field. Clean, dynamic visuals and attractive promotions make this credit union feel like a compelling alternative to megabanks.

Growing with your community |
Old Fort Banking Company has been in business for more than 100 years. They’ve watched their agricultural base grow into a more diverse economy — and they don’t plan to get left behind. With a shift in focus from farmers to doctors, FIRSTBranch made a website that honors Old Fort Banking Company’s legacy while staying relevant.

Branching out (but not too far) |
Sycamore Bank had to strike the perfect balance. They needed to keep older customers happy while acquiring younger account holders. They needed to attract city dwellers without alienating rural residents. They needed a new website that felt familiar. FIRSTBranch brought a loyal, long-term client up to date with current web practices and their evolving brand.

Sharpening your competitive edge |
As one of the few community banks left in a market dominated by Wells Fargo and Wachovia, customer expectations were high for Aquesta Bank. They set that bar even higher by catering to established businesses and affluent consumers. FIRSTBranch built trust in their sophisticated clientele by showcasing Aquesta’s competitive rates and accessible expertise.

Staying local for the long haul |
Since their beginnings in 1949, Hershey Federal Credit Union has grown into a full-service financial institution. Unlike many of their competitors, they remain locally owned and operated. FIRSTBranch put this fact and their well-rounded product portfolio on full display, proving that HFCU is South Central Pennsylvania’s financial partner for life.

(Re)introducing yourself |
In order to align with their expanded SEG, Meritus Credit Union decided to rebrand their institution. FIRSTBranch created a website that embodied the new name and brand while reassuring current members. Meritus was able to leverage the messaging from their website in their new marketing initiatives, further developing the new brand.

Building relationships that last |
Northeast Bank has remained loyal to their clientele since 1947. Unlike the megabanks in their area, they have become a steady source of financing for local businesses. FIRSTBranch conveyed Northeast Bank’s relationship-first approach as concisely as possible. Time is money, after all.

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